Hi, I’m Nancy aka "Hurricane Nancy". I’m one of the first women’s cartoon artists from the underground comix movement which started in the 60’s. I’m now over 80 years old but still creating my signature Krazi Kartoons™ every week.

I invented the term Krazi Kartoons™ to distinguish my work as a genre from all other forms that use the cartoon concept and use the cartoon format as a vehicle for inspired art. My sometimes outrageous imagery is intended to evocatively emphasize characteristics or features of the subject or idea. It is imagery as a play on words. The monochrome rendition of the work is intentional. It makes the image very direct and any subtlety of message comes from line, shape and the viewers imagination

My first work was published in the New York East Village Other (EVO), the Gothic Blimp Works and other underground publications in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the 1960's. I helped inspire the Wimmen's Comix movement and I was a founding member of the It Ain’t Me Babe Collective, the first all female comic book, which sadly, was my last contribution for many decades.

It wasn't until 2009, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, that I became re-interested in my ability to create relevant, valuable communication. During my treatment I began to draw again, and after being declared cancer free a year later, I kept creating new cartoons.

Six years later, in 2016, I was contacted by Alex Dueben from The Comics Journal for my first ever interview. It was a wonderful experience and opportunity for me to tell my origin story.

In 2021 I had the distinct honor of being able to donate 65 pieces of my original art to The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum collection.

In the same year I made my art available to the public by selling prints through this website and the response has been remarkable.

Because I draw in black on white, my art, once digitized, can be printed in pretty much any ink color desired and thus lends itself to endless customization to make it uniquely yours. Make it match your decor or stand out in contrast. You can even create your very own collage by combining my many different designs in varying ink colors and sizes to turn any wall space into a truly stunning showpiece.

One thing I hear quite often from owners of my art is they find themselves constantly looking at it. It never grows dull and makes for a great conversation piece. Landscapes and abstract artwork is beautiful, but can quickly blend in and become just decor. One of my Krazi Kartoons™ art prints is guaranteed to draw attention for many years to come.

My art is a unique style. It is bold, sensual, eye-catching and strikingly evocative and I’d love for you to own a piece or two, for it can truly only be appreciated when seen in person.

I am currently working on many exciting projects which I can't wait to reveal. So stay tuned by visiting this website from time to time or simply subscribe to my newsletter and I will keep you in the loop.

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