A Contribution to Wimmen's Comix

See some of my work in the recently released The Complete Wimmen's Comix by Fantagraphics. It's an absolutely stunning two-volume set that is over 700 pages of visual delight featuring truly groundbreaking work.

"If Zap Comix #1 kicked off the underground comix movement, then over the two decades of its run, Wimmen’s Comix played a key role in shaping the generations of cartoonists that followed. This was a publication that was explicitly political, interested in memoir, promoted women’s voices, and was inclusive in every sense of the world. There was no set style or approach, there was no defined aesthetic. Though a series of guiding principles and beliefs were articulated at its start–and there were many turnovers and disagreements over the years–the actual comic books were never defined by one voice, one style, or one creator."

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